Chronological Order of Degrees

The York Rite of Freemasonry, which many take to include the three degrees of the Blue or Craft Lodge, involves a good deal of its symbolism with the Hiramic Legend and King Solomon's Temple. The degrees are not conferred in the order in which the historical events they depict occurred. The following is a list of the degrees in chronological order - which may help to put them into perspective and demonstrate the necessity of receiving all of them in order to obtain a complete picture.

Degree Body Subject
Fellowcraft Lodge Philosophy of a Fellowcraft
Mark Master Chapter On being a Fellowcraft, work on the Temple
Select Master Council The three Grand Masters make a deposit
Royal Master Council The day prior to the death of Hiram Abif
Master Mason Lodge The death of Hiram Abif
Most Excellent Master Chapter The completion and dedication of the Temple
Super Excellent Master Council The destruction of the Temple/The fall of Judah
Royal Arch Mason Chapter The return of the Jews to Jerusalem. Preparation of the building of the second Temple.
Order the Red Cross Knight Masons KT/KM Assistance in continuing work on the second Temple
(Zerubbabel's Temple)
Entered Apprentice Past Master Lodge/
These degrees are not related to either the Temple or Hiramic Legend. The Entered Apprentice Degree is introductory only; the Past Master Degree is a relic from times past.