Perpetual Membership


  1. What is a Perpetual Membership? Pay a one time fee and never pay dues again. 
  2. How does it work? Perpetual Committee will invest your fee.
  3. What is the cost? New Members see No. 7. Current Members see No. 4.
  4. What will the fee be on January 1st, 2021? 25 times dues.
  5. Can I buy Perpetual Membership for just One Body? Yes
  6. Can I get my money back? Once is application approved, No.
  7. What if I join the York Rite in 2021? Your fee will be 21 times during the calendar year you joined going up to 22 times on January 1st and every year after stopping at 25 times.
  8. What about current year dues? You must be current to purchase a Perpetual Membership.
  9. What Money comes back to My Local Bodies? Local Dues, District Dues if Applicable (Chapter-See PM Form, A&B and Council-See PM Form, A&B , See PM Form, E&F and Local Dues (Commandery-See PM Form I) at the amount at time of purchase.
  10. How will my Local Bodies receive my money? As a credit (Forever) on their annual statement (See Question 9). Plus a credit for State Fees Amount of time of purchase (During your Lifetime). '
  11. What happens when I die? How much will my local bodies receive money? See question 9, forever, as credit on statement.
  12. Can I transfer my membership? Yes, if approved. For more information contact Grand York Rite office.
  13. Can I buy multiple memberships? Yes, if approved. See Question 12.