Grand Commandery Membership Program

Grand Commandery of Georgia Membership Program is outlined as follows:

  1. A Grand Commandery Membership Committee will be established, to include one chairman, as well as one Sir Knight from each Division, to total 6 members.
  2. Each Commander of each constituent Commandery in the Jurisdiction of Georgia will appoint a membership committee chair, and a committee to consist of not less than three members, including the chair.
  3. Each Divisional Membership Committee Member will chair a sub-committee for his division, consisting of the chairs of the local membership committees.
  4. The local committee chairman will report changes in membership, as well as the activities of his committee, to the Divisional Membership Committee Member, who will report the same to the Chair of the Grand Commandery Membership Committee.
  5. It will be the responsibility of the local committees to make every effort in reaching out to suspended members for REINSTATEMENT; to potential candidates for RECRUITMENT; and to members in jeopardy of suspension for RETENTION.
  6. To encourage and incentivize gains in membership, a Golden Spur Award will be awarded to the constituent Commandery which demonstrates the largest net gain in membership during the preceding Grand Commandery Calendar Year.
  7. Personal membership awards will also be awarded as colored cords, which may be worn on the left shoulder of the Knight Templar uniform. When a Sir Knight signs a petition as the first-line signer for a new petition OR a petition for reinstatement, he becomes eligible for the awards as follows:
  • 3 petitions: White Cord
  • 6 petitions: Green Cord
  • 10 petitions: Silver Cord
  • 15 petitions: Gold Cord
  • 20 petitions: Green & White Cord
  • 25 petitions: Green & Silver Cord

Sir Knights, membership is a major priority for the Grand Commandery of Georgia, and it should be the care and concern of each and every Sir Knight in this great jurisdiction. I look forward to working with the Grand Commander and his Grand Commandery Membership Committee in this endeavor.

Tyler W. Pledger, Chairman
Grand Commandery of Georgia Membership Committee