Knights Templar Education Foundation, Inc.

The Knights Templar Educational Foundation of Georgia, Inc. was established and chartered in March 1940 to administer the George B. Whiteside Templar Memorial Fund; the Lucy Russell Educational Fund; the W. C. Cantrell Fund; the Thank Offering Fund and other funds. In order to adhere to the verbiage and philosophy of the KTEF, Inc. Trust endeavors, your trustees meet each December in order to again fulfill this sacred mission.

Grand Encampment authorized a five trustee Knights Templar Educational Foundation of Georgia, Inc. with the following provision: “It shall be the duty of this committee to work with and under the plans of the Grand Encampment Educational Foundation of the division of the Grand Commandery of Georgia, Inc.” The Grand Encampment Educational Committee regulates the Grand Commandery Trustees via their regulations and standards practice directive.

The mission of the KTEF, Inc. is:

  • To promote general interest in education and educational projects.
  • To aid the boys and girls, young men and young women, in acquiring an education.
  • To make grants, donations, gifts, or loans from the income only of monies or properties entrusted to the corporation.
  • To lend money, corpus and/or income *** to persons desiring an education.
  • To make donations, or gifts, ***, for charitable, philanthropic, benevolent, and educational purposes.
  • To administer and carry out charitable trust and trusts for benevolent and philanthropic purposes.
  • To receive donations and gifts.
  • To contribute 50% of expenses to assist local commanderies in sending select ministers to The Holy Land.

Your KTEF trustees are continuing to adhere to the original charter mission statement. During the December 2021 annual meeting, the trustees awarded:

  • $50,000.00 to the Medical College of Georgia for infant ophthalmological disease research
  • $50,000.00 to Emory University for infant ophthalmological disease
  • A $1,000.00 grant was awarded to each of seven collegiate matriculation aspirants.

In order to ensure long term infant ophthalmological disease research at those medical research centers, each ophthalmological division has teamed up with your KTEF trustees in order to establish a KTEF Chair at each research center.